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Personal Data Protection Law

As Tütüncüoğlu Gida, we continue to carry out our work with a parallel approach with the "Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK)" in relation to the protection of personal data, which we attach great importance to since our establishment. In this context, both some terms expressed in the law and information about our data processing processes in order to fulfill our obligations are presented below.

What is KVKK?

The law on the protection of personal data (KVKK) was adopted in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 24.03.2016 and entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 07.04.2016 and numbered 29677. The law is based on the compliance of all data processing persons and institutions within the framework of basic purposes such as ensuring the confidentiality of personal data, protecting it and preventing its unauthorized use. Our company, like all organizations, is obliged to comply with this law and the personal data processed in all processes of our company are covered by this.

What Is Personal Data

All data or data sets that make a person directly or indirectly identifiable are considered personal data. An example is identifying information that belongs directly to the person or is created on behalf of the person, such as Name, Last Name, Place/date of birth, phone number, resume, photo, voice recording.

What Is Data Processing?

Any transaction performed on personal data is considered "data processing" references Therefore, archiving, storing, modifying, re-creating data Editing, explaining, transferring, analyzing and classifying data processing the scope enters.